Student Enrichment Opportunities 

Field Trips – seems like most administrators see them as a poor use of instructional time. But here at Southern Educational Resources we believe nothing compares to real world experiences. Authentic curricular immersion can open students’ minds to what is outside their personal world view and expose them to the universe of ideas. That – that is what we strive to create.

Increase or Cease

For many “elective” courses student numbers determine if teachers get contract renewals. Having strong student enrollment is also the quickest way to eliminate “deadwood” students who get dropped into classes they don’t want and suck the life out of your best teaching. Another benefit of larger class sizes is teaching only one course per period! Improve your job security, your job enjoyment and make your program exciting for your students. Southern Educational Resources can help you build great programs. One huge way is giving students access to great learning experiences


Looking to capture attention by going to a really fun place while also being “educational?” There are some great places to go and have fun while connecting to your classroom content. Students grow by participating in some great seminars while bonding in your program peer group. This builds not only cohesion in your program but provides many “teachable moments” throughout the trip. It is also something to add to marketing your course to potential students. 

Content Drives the Bus (or Flys the Plane?) 

Maybe you’d prefer to craft the ultimate trip for your program? We can brainstorm with you to create the most amazing trips. Broadway for an arts program, DC for a legal studies program, or a NASCAR event for an automotive program – we can work with you and reach out to industry to coordinate an awesome trip. You would be amazed by the trips we can craft.

Competition and Organizational Travel 

Leave the hassles to us! We will handle all the booking, transportation, meals and anything else so you can focus on the students. It might be national competitions, regional performance evaluations or even overseas – regardless of the reason, you can trust us to handle your travel needs. We specialize in CTSOs and arts groups – so we get it – you need to move equipment AND people! No worries – we got you! 

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