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Student Enrichment

Founded by a master teacher who witnessed the transformational process of extent learning, Southern Educational Resources seeks to maximize student opportunities to travel and experience learning through immersion. Custom trips tailor made to the objective of the program or school taking the trip are our forte. 


Southern Educational Resources has access to some of the most superb teachers in the industry. We go to the source of educational excellence for your educational professional development or school improvement initiatives. Why rely on researchers or someone with limited teaching experience when you can have the best in education?

National Academies

We have some exceptional students. They deserve the opportunity to learn above and beyond the classroom. These emerging industry leaders need to be nurtured to self actualize their potential. We create learning catalyst that stimulate extraordinary student aspiration. The genesis begins with educational or professional institution support.

DR. Thomas Washburn


Southern Educational Resources was founded by Dr. Thomas Washburn. With over three decades of experience in education, Dr. Washburn has the knowledge and network to address any need. Washburn was awarded the Stanford University Sterling Award for Academic Achievement, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Millennium Honor Teacher, the American Bar Association Lawyers Auxiliary Educators Award of Excellence and over 20 other honors.



Keith W

We are so excited to work with Southern Educational Resources on our national academy. They were able to take our ideas and add to them to create an exciting opportunity for our students! The did all the heavy lifting and we ended up with a student experience beyond what we thought possible. 

Julie B

We needed someone to rewrite our entire curriuclum – standards, resources, lessons, the whole deal. Southern Educational Resources put together a top notch team that produced a whole new course from top to bottom. It far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Southern Educational Resources to anyone needing consulting work. 

Liz V

We wanted to spice up our professional development with our CTE teachers. Southern Educational Resources pulled together the best team. They had the perfect person for each of our topics. On top of that – they were awesome! They demonstrated excellent pedagogy in the way they presented. It was awesome. You must hire them!