Educational Consulting

Southern Educational Resources prides itself on being responsive to the needs of the school or system that hires us. We are not trying to force you into a preconceived product that we want to make “fit” your need. Rather, we listen to you and what you want. Then we go out and find the best in that area and create a unique product that suits your need. We have a loose network of over 50 professionals from just about every conceivable background to tailor into your consulting contract.

Professional Development

Let’s face it – PD can be pretty lame. Sometimes the worst example of pedagogy is exhibited in PD delivery – ironic, isn’t it? Not with Southern Educational Resources. We present your material in a highly engaging, teacher focused methodology. Less theory, more application and more practice. If you are wanting general updates in state of the art pedagogy or you want to roll out a new program – we are the right team for you. Our team will work with you to match your goals, styles and teacher masterly levels. We will put into place the training, support materials, graphics and expertise. We have a very expansive network to draw upon. No need is outside our comfort zone. 

Course Design 

This is the area we have the most experience in by far. We have written courses, created standards and built instruction units for schools, systems, states and even national groups. We make learning exciting for students. We organize materials that are easy to follow. The end product will impress your verterans and support your newbies with turn key type final product. Singleton courses through full program change, we can handle it all. 

School Change

Southern Educational Resources is a leader in school improvement methodologies. We have opened new schools. We have worked with schools looking to subtly change their culture. We have worked with a school that tossed everything out to start over. Genesis to rebirth, we can walk you through some uncertainties. Our network is deep in experience. Reach out and share your crazy ideas. You might find out we are as crazy as you are!

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